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Malaysia Flooring System | Floor Coatings | Flooring Problems | Flooring Professional
Whether flake or quartz, clear or colored, Silikal flooring can solve almost any flooring problem. Flooring that is smooth in transition protecting the flooring substrate. Silikal flooring is perfect protection for industrial or commercial environments.
It is all the extra that a Silikal floor offers
that takes a Silikal floor from ordinary to extraordinary. Highlighted below are a few of those extras.

Hygienic: Silikal flooring won't harbor bacteria and mold it's a non porous, pin hole free seamless flooring surface. A Silikal floor is a clean floor. Great for kitchens and food processing facilities.

Cleanable: Flooring that's easy to maintain.
due to its non porous nature water, dirt, and bacteria rest on the surface unable to attach itself to the floor making them extremely easy to clean and ideal for restaurants and kitchens.

Safe: Anti slip flooring surfaces that prevent or reduce slips, falls and flooring slip related accidents.

Durable: withstand mechanical abrasion – forklifts and chemical attack, designed to hold up to the harshest conditions.

Looks and Appearance: Wide variety of flooring colors and flooring designs available Works in wet, cold and hot conditions or a combination of these.

Long Life & Renewable: Silikal flooring will provide years of service with limited maintenance, lower life cycle cost. Save money on expensive maintenance costs with Silikal flooring.

After only one hour Silikal maintains its full physical and chemical properties, making it traffic ready which enables Reduced downtime on rehabs and during new construction, flooring that cures extremely fast.

Easy To Repair: Silikal bonds chemically to itself without sanding or grinding.  Repairs are quick and painless.

Low Temp. Curing: Commercial or Industrial Flooring that can be installed down to Zero Degrees 0°F  Which means no down time for your commercial or industrial business.



Malaysia Flooring System | Floor Coatings | Flooring Problems | Flooring Professional