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Malaysia Flooring System | Flooring Professional | Floor Coatings | Flooring Problems
… as we have been for more than 55 years
We've been doing the basics for you for decades: with a background in screed construction, we decided more than 55 years ago to concentrate on the development and manufacture of floor coatings based on synthetic resins. Our history since then has seen countless research and development projects. Silikal is now active across the world and is represented in Germany and Europe as well as Asia and Australia.

… whatever your flooring problems
Whether it's a new construction, repairs or renovation: our methacrylate resins are tried and tested heavy-duty floor coatings for industry, commerce and crafts, on transport surfaces, in public institutions and in medical facilities. Silikal's repair mortar systems are also used as reliable problem-solvers: to ensure the rapid improvement of holes, cracks or ruptures in concrete, prefabricated concrete or screeding, underline bridge bearings, establish machine foundations or fix heavy-duty sections and components in position.

… with the right flooring systems
We have the right answer for your flooring problem. Super-fast curing with no disruption to operations, the exact degree of slip resistance required, processing even at very low temperatures, a large selection of color design options and much, much more – all thanks to Silikal's product range.

… and with flooring professional staff
Need advice? Delighted – put us to the test! Every project has its own demands and requirements. Our staff come from the industry. They are familiar with the problems on site and boast worldwide experience as applications engineers. That's why you should talk to us. We'll be happy to help when it comes to realizing even the most difficult flooring projects or the possible uses of rapid-curing mortar systems. And if you'd really like to get into the details, Silikal's training centre in Mainhausen can provide you with a comprehensive range of practically-oriented information.

One thing you can be sure of: we're always here for you!


Silikal products are manufactured by Silikal GmbH & Co. KG based at Mainhausen Germany. Silikal reactive resins are used in the manufacture of both heavy duty and decorative flooring systems in just about every aspect of industry. Silikal has specialized in the technology of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) reactive resins, millions of square metres of which have proven their worth over the last 50 years and more all over the world.

As for Malaysia, Silikal products have been in use for more than 20 years in virtually every industrial, commercial and public sector.

Workshop Flooring is the exclusive agent for Malaysia specializing in the supply and laying of Silikal MMA flooring system.


UNIQUE PROPERTIES OF SILIKAL FLOORING SYSTEM Silikal Industrial floor coating is widely reputed because it is:

a) Seamless, without joints

b) Elastic to withstand impacts without cracking

c) Of high compressive strength (minimum 40N/mm 2 )

d) Of high tensile strength (minimum 25 N/mm 2 )

e) Visually attractive

f) Easy to clean and maintain

g) Non-slip even if the floor is wet

h) Of high chemical resistance (see chemical resistance chart)

    i) Anti-static / Dust Free.

The floor system can be tailor made to suit specific requirements and that they cure totally in 1-3 hours independent of ambient temperature after completion of material applications. After which the floor is ready for mechanical and chemical loading.


Malaysia Flooring System | Flooring Professional | Floor Coatings | Flooring Problems