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Flooring Systems,Workshop Flooring,Flooring Warehouse,Industrial Flooring,Reactive Resins
Flooring Systems,Workshop Flooring,Flooring Warehouse,Industrial Flooring,Reactive Resins

… with the right flooring systems
We have the right answer for your flooring problem. Super-fast curing with no disruption to operations, the exact degree of slip resistance required, processing even at very low temperatures, a large selection of color design options and much, much more – all thanks to Silikal's product range.

… and with flooring professional staff
Need advice? Delighted – put us to the test! Every project has its own demands and requirements. Our staff come from the industry. They are familiar with the problems on site and boast worldwide experience as applications engineers. That's why you should talk to us. We'll be happy to help when it comes to realizing even the most difficult flooring projects or the possible uses of rapid-curing mortar systems. And if you'd really like to get into the details, Silikal's training centre in Mainhausen can provide you with a comprehensive range of practically-oriented information.

One thing you can be sure of: we're always here for you!

Workshop Flooring

Workshop Flooring   Workshop flooring makes us ideal to floor the automotive sector. Our industrial floor paint and epoxy resin floor coatings have been innovatively designed to deliver the optimum in workshop flooring. Furthermore, our antistatic and oil resistant car factory flooring solutions are geared up to meet the needs of the heavy duty automotive sector by providing durable and hardwearing floors.
Warehouse Flooring

Flooring Warehouse    Warehouse flooring are exposed to particularly extreme conditions, among them heavy loads arriving day and night as well as fork lift trucks and other vehicles moving costly goods from one place to another. Warehouses flooring has to cope with many different demands - from heavy traffic to impact absorption, extremes of temperature to easy cleaning and safety – depending on the type of industry it is serving.

One of the outstanding properties of Silikal reactive resin flooring systems is their resistance to wear-and-tear. Silikal manufactures a huge variety of different flooring systems and grades for a vast array of demands, substrates and requirements that can often differ substantially from one industry to another.
Quality & Environmental Stewardship
Silikal reactive resins are developed, manufactured and sold in conformity to the strict quality requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 and under a qualified ISO 14001: 2005 environmental management system.  

Malaysia Flooring Systems : Workshop Flooring : Flooring Warehouse : Industrial Flooring : Reactive Resins